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Hi everyone, so for our first ever author spotlight please welcome Karl Jones.
I had the pleasure of picking up Shattered  his debut novel on amazon for only 99 pennies and it is awesome.
I love a good mystery that can suck me in and hold me in suspense with plenty of story so you don't even think of getting bored.  An absolute five star review go get it now.
(excerpt below)
Shattered is my debut novel, and has been out for 18 months now. During that time it has been a consistent bestselling, reaching the top 20 for Drama in the UK over the last few weeks. For just 99p/99c you can enjoy this bestselling drama/thriller, and if you're an Amazon Prime member you can borrow the book for free any time in the next three weeks.

After the grisly discovery of a mutilated body, the small community of Greenville is held in the terrifying grip of a serial killer.
Author Jason Denton immediately falls under suspicion, and while Sergeant Underwood is determined to prove his guilt, no matter what how he has to do it, the relatives of those being killed aren't so keen to wait for justice.
Caught in the middle is Donna Harp, a young constable partnered with the sergeant. She isn't convinced the author is guilty, and is determined to catch the killer, whoever he may be, but is she being swayed by Denton's charm?

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(contains adult language 18 and over please)
Excerpt One

Instead of doing as she was told Melanie slapped her hand down on the lock next to her. She then scrambled across the gearstick to yank the driver’s door closed, locking it the moment it slammed shut. With the car secured she settled herself behind the wheel, her hand groping for the keys so she could make her escape.
A tap on the window made her look round. She found him waving the keys and smiling in a way that made her tremble with fear. She sat there frozen as he unlocked the door and pulled it open. “That wasn’t very sensible,” he told her, his voice menacing. “I told you to get out. Now do as I told you.”
“No! Please, just take me home.”
“I think you need to be taught a lesson. You need to be taught what happens to girls who don’t do as they’re told.” Yanking her from the car he let her fall to the ground as he shoved the door closed, he then turned back to kick her. “Get up and get inside,” he ordered. “I said, get up.” He kicked her again, though she hadn’t had time to make even one attempt at raising herself from the ground.

Excerpt Two

“I can appreciate that; she’s a mean bitch when she’s mad at someone.”
The lawyer chose not to comment on that statement, though they both knew the truth of it. “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on, and how you got yourself stuck in a cell?” Frankie suggested as the door opened to reveal a constable, bearing the requested coffee. “You didn’t say much on the phone, just that you were in trouble and needed a criminal lawyer.”

Excerpt Three

Underwood secured Gordon’s arms while Donna handcuffed him. “As soon as they let me go I’m gonna to be back. I fucking know what you did you fucking prick, and I’m going to fucking kill you!” The handcuffs didn't prevent Gordon making threats.

“Shut up, Gordon!” Underwood smacked him on the back of the head after hauling him to his feet. “Now, since you are both here, I might as well question the two of you together, it will save me some time.” Michael simply stared impassively at his fellow teen, while Gordon struggled against the restraints as if he thought he could break them, despite having failed to do so on numerous occasions in the past. “I think it would be best if you take the girls into the living room, Constable,” Underwood said finally, “while I talk to Michael and Gordon.”

Excerpt Four

“What have you got against Michael Davis?” Donna wanted to know. “I know you think he’s a prick, though I’ve never heard anyone else say much of anything bad about him, other than he’s a bit full of himself. And let’s be honest, you’re just as bad in that respect. But do you actually have a reason for thinking he is capable of murder?” Gordon didn’t answer; he merely kicked the crushed packet of crisps and dropped heavily back onto the bed. “Personally I’d pick you as a murderer ahead of Michael, especially after earlier.”

“If you guys hadn’t come when you did I would have finished that asshole.”

“But why? You must have a reason for believing Michael is the one who killed Danielle. If you know something you have to tell us,” Donna insisted. “This isn’t just about your cousin, Gordon, Emma’s missing as well.”


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