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A Lucky Second Chance Blog tour!!!!

A Lucky Second Chance
By: Nickie Seidler

Synopsis: What do you do when life doesn't go as planned? Nobody plans to be abused. Emma Dunn certainly didn't. When life with her fiance' takes a terrifying turn, she flees to her hometown of Chicago without looking back, and her brother Kevin takes her in. Life is slowly getting better for Emma, thanks in no small part to real-life Prince Charming, Nathan Weber. He sweeps her off her feet, almost literally, and dotes on her from day one. But when the unexpected happens and their pasts catch up with them, can their fairy tale still have a happy ending? Even the strongest can break. Love has the power to consume, but also has the power to break.
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A fantastic five star read.

What do you do when the darkest parts of life takes you back home to restart and try again?  Well if you are anything like Emma Dunn you get your feet back under you and grow stronger through the trial!  I love when a book can not only grab me but keep me long after I turn the last page.  A Lucky Second Chance explores falling in love after living with abuse and dealing with the scars no one can see and the aftereffects no one could have predicted. When I began to read this book I am not sure what I was expecting but ALSC blew any and all expectations out of the water!!  I laughed I cried and I fell in love with these beautiful people, Emma and Nathan will grab your heart and hold it long after the last page. 

Now for the treat of an author interveiw with
Nickie Seidler

About the Author: Born and raised in the Chicago-land area, Nickie Seidler is a up and coming young author. Her new-found dream of being a writer has led to the completion of her first book "A Lucky Second Chance". Nickie is married, and when not writing, enjoys cooking new recipes for them to try, water aerobics, car racing and spending quality time with family and friends. She is currently writing her second book to be released early 2014.    
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Tell us a bit about yourself and your book?
Well, let’s see, I’m 26 years old and married to my best friend for almost two years now. I’ve struggled to find the “light” when it came to something that I wanted to do career wise with my life, till I discovered writing. I love it and I really do hope to make a career of it someday.

ALSC came out of my brain on a whim. I never thought of this story until I started writing. I find my best thoughts come out when I just sit down and write. It all comes to me. I’m not one of those authors that goes out with a notebook strapped to them, I never truly think of ideas until I’m smack down in front of a computer. Then I just type away, and that’s exactly what I did with A Lucky Second Chance. I really hope you all enjoy the book! It’s a good suspenseful romance that make you not want to stop once you start!

Outside of writing, what other things do you do or enjoy?
Outside of writing? What’s that? HAHA just kidding! I take breaks quite often on the weekend and spend time with the husband. We love to go to movies, hang out with friends, have a bon fire, catch a Dierks Bentley concert, or just relax. With our work M-F everyday work schedules we tend to want to just spend time with each other on the weekends! I also love to cook and try new recipes or make own recipes up!

Who are you inspired by?
Honestly, I’m inspired by these other wonderful Indie Authors I’ve gotten to know very well. Us indies’ struggle to get our names out there and for people to read our books. It amazes how many authors, bloggers, fans have LIKED my facebook page before my book is even out! They already want signed copies, swag, etc…and they haven’t read my book yet, just teasers! These LIKES inspire me alone because it means people want to read my work, they want to read MY WORK! I still can’t fathom seeing my name on my own paperback! Thank you for the continued support from you all, you make my life just that much better!

What are you reading at the moment?
I’m currently reading Taking Chances by Molly McAdams 

Are there any other works in progress at the moment?
There are two works in progress at the moment! I’m so excited to share with you in July the title for my next book! I’m jumping in my seat, excited for my next book in general! It’s a little different then ALSC and I’m hoping you guys will love it! I’m hoping for a release date of October 2013 but that’s just a hopeful guestimate! The second work in progress, which I don’t have a title for yet, I’m hoping to be out by February or March 2014!

What got you started in writing?
 This may sound totally goofy, and don’t make fun of me, but Fifty Shades of Grey actually pushed me to write my own story. I absolutely loved the story line, when I read that book, I couldn’t put it down! Then it dawned on me, hm, I should write my own kind of books! There it was a few months later I opened up Word and just started typing and my ideas just started to flow like crazy. Can you believe that I actually hated to read when I was younger? Never read any books unless school forced me to! Then, about a year ago I started a series of books my mom recommended and it immediately hit me, I wasn’t reading the genre that I was interested in! Now I’m hooked on reading, and even more, writing!

Do you model any of your characters or situations off of real life?
My characters are all fictional in ALSC, completely made up and resemble no particular person, event, or place.

Thank you for the interview! It was my pleasure to fill you in on some extra information! You guys all mean the world to me! I’m so thankful for such a growing community, with amazing fans that show me the best support a girl could ask for! I appreciate the blessing that God has given me for this wonderful opportunity of being an Author. It makes me feel so happy to be able to share this novel with the world! 

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Resisting the Bad Boy By Violet Duke

I received this book for an honest review

This book is wonderful.  I would highly suggest this series to anyone that enjoys a good contemporary romance.  Abby and Conner will have you grinding your teeth in anticapation of what is to come, and clicking through the pages faster then your kindle can keep up. :) The story has so much going on with the main characters but remains a strong story and holds the reader intrest very well.  I sat down with this book and didn't get up till I was finished.  I will say that the end has a cliffhanger that will leave you begging for more.  I for one cannot wait for the next in the series due out VERY soon!!!!!  

Blurb off of amazon

Abby Bartlett is the quintessential nice girl. Between teaching, volunteering, completing her PhD, and helping her best friend raise his daughter, Abby never gets the chance to be anything but nice. That is, until the all-wrong-for-her man she's only ever known from afar starts daring her to simply take that chance for herself. His sage advice? Try something wild and fast.

Preferably him.

An unbridled, hotshot attorney with a not-so-little black book, Connor Sullivan has earned himself quite the bad boy reputation. But in his defense, he's a very conscientious one. He knows far too well that sometimes in life, love isn't enough...or worse, not even a factor at all. To avoid that misery--and repel the drama--Connor always makes his one and only rule crystal clear right from the start. Absolutely nothing more than a month.

Turns out, a whole lot can happen in one month.

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Who He Is By. Shanora Williams ( Adult excerpt included 18 + only thank you)

I am late for a cover reveal and owe a major apology to an awesome author and lady Ms. Shanora Williams!!!  So here it is everyone a little late but absolutely worth it :)

Ms. Williams has already written a wonderful book Hard to Resist under the pen name S.Q. Williams.

Excerpt from Who He Is:
Lifting his hands, Gage gripped the edge of the pool and pressed his arousal against me. When he was done tasting my neck, he devoured my lips, and I couldn’t help it; I wrapped my arms around his neck. My legs squeezed tighter around him, wanting to feel his hardness against me. It was turning me on in more ways than one. His silky tongue, although laced with alcohol, tasted sweet as it ran over mine.
He started to rub against me and I moaned, running my fingers through his slick hair. His hard chest was pressed firmly against mine, no space between us. The little nibbles and bites he took of my lower lip were driving me insane. His fingers that snuck beneath my bathing suit to slide inside me caused my moans to grow louder and his lips to fall so he could grunt against my neck.
I was spiraling, bucking against him once again. “You like that?” he whispered gruffly in my ear. He reached behind me with his other hand and unhooked the top of my bathing suit. I could have stopped him, but I didn’t. A growl came from his throat as he stared at my bare chest.
I nodded my head at his question, my body begging him to continue. Who knew his fingers could be so magical? He was pushing in and out of me, circling his thumb across my core. I was so close. My fingernails bit into his skin and he went faster, faster, faster, sending me higher and higher… but then he just stopped. Right when I was about to reach the point of it all.
“What the hell are you doing?” I breathed raggedly, aggravated.
He smirked, looking into my eyes and pulling his fingers out of my bottoms. I wanted to beg for his fingers not to leave, but I didn’t. It would have been too embarrassing and shallow. “Since we’re only ‘friends,’ I can’t give you the full effect.”
I scowled at him. “You’re kidding.” He raised an eyebrow. “Right?
“No, Ellie. Let’s just do this shit. I swear it’ll be fun.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, but I knew exactly what he was talking about.
“Nothing between us has to change. It doesn’t have to be serious and I think if we try to continue this little war, someone’s gonna get hurt. Why not just give in to the temptation? We can still be friends, but maybe we can involve the bed and handcuffs I brought up to before at the club?”
He gave a lazy smirk and I snickered. I thought it over, replaying the conversation Montana and I had just moments ago, knowing he was right. I wanted to do more things with Gage than I thought, and with him giving me an orgasm the night before, I was desperate and in need of more. It was bad, but it felt good to be satisfied—to reach the point of bliss and not come down for hours. I didn’t want anyone else in the band to try and give me that kind of satisfaction. Gage was my best bet, so I shrugged and thought to myself, Fuck it. Montana was right. I had to take risks and I was going to be taking a big one with Gage Grendel.
“Okay,” I said right before kissing him and allowing him to finish what he started.

** Add Who He Is to your TBR list: **
We owe the pleasure of such an awesome cover to...
Regina Wamba of Mae I Design
*Who He Is
*Author: Shanora Williams writing as S.Q. Williams
*Release Date: July 18th, 2013
*Cover Designer: Regina Wamba of Mae I Design

And here's the synopsis:

Eliza Smith has never been the one to seek a relationship. She’s never dated a guy in her life, never even hugged a man (outside of her father/manager of the hot and popular rock band, FireNine) but when she decides to spend her summer on tour with FireNine, it all changes. Eliza really gets to meet Gage Grendel - her former crush from high school and the lead singer of FireNine - and witness sides to him to which she’ll begin to truly despise.
She’ll ignore him, she’ll dislike his ways, she’ll do anything to try and stay away from him until Gage finally gets her to slip up and give in. She agrees on a casual fling with Gage, but soon they’ll both see how the fling will blur into something they can’t control and when it’s finally time for Eliza to go and accomplish her own dreams, she’ll know there’s more she took from Gage than she ever thought possible.

Playing catch up

So as some of you may know there was a few things going on personally that has kept me from my wonderful blog family so today we will be playing catch up.  :-)

Reveiw #1

Temptaion Unleashed
By: Sherry Stanfield

I was given a copy of this book for an honest reveiw.
I love a paranormal with a twist and this one had me turned around inside out.  What would you do if the line between light and dark was no longer there and what you thought of as evil and dark now housed inside of your very soul?  This is the very that our hero ben has to face, fight and overcome.  Ben and his friend Roch are thrust into a world where the supposed monsters are divided into groups of good and evil based on their own merits.  Follow Ben into the embracing darkness where the only thing to fear beyond the demons around you is the on IN you! My only upset with the story being the development was a little rushed in a few places, but that in no way stopped me from enjoying the story very much and looking forward to many more from this author!

Reveiw #2

He Loved Me Not
By. Rhed Draven

I was given this book for an honest review
Have you ever picked up a story full of steam and loving?  Where the story intwined with the hot spots pulls you in equally?  He Loved Me Not is absolutely like that.  While the story itself is short it packs a wallop and is a fun read for a rainy day afternoon.  Follow Bryce and Chritina as they meet again after many years and find out that even when life hurts true love will remain strong and will always find is way back to the heart.  Short story but one that will have me looking for more by this author.

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Hi everyone, so for our first ever author spotlight please welcome Karl Jones.
I had the pleasure of picking up Shattered  his debut novel on amazon for only 99 pennies and it is awesome.
I love a good mystery that can suck me in and hold me in suspense with plenty of story so you don't even think of getting bored.  An absolute five star review go get it now.
(excerpt below)
Shattered is my debut novel, and has been out for 18 months now. During that time it has been a consistent bestselling, reaching the top 20 for Drama in the UK over the last few weeks. For just 99p/99c you can enjoy this bestselling drama/thriller, and if you're an Amazon Prime member you can borrow the book for free any time in the next three weeks.

After the grisly discovery of a mutilated body, the small community of Greenville is held in the terrifying grip of a serial killer.
Author Jason Denton immediately falls under suspicion, and while Sergeant Underwood is determined to prove his guilt, no matter what how he has to do it, the relatives of those being killed aren't so keen to wait for justice.
Caught in the middle is Donna Harp, a young constable partnered with the sergeant. She isn't convinced the author is guilty, and is determined to catch the killer, whoever he may be, but is she being swayed by Denton's charm?

Amazon US -

Amazon UK -
(contains adult language 18 and over please)
Excerpt One

Instead of doing as she was told Melanie slapped her hand down on the lock next to her. She then scrambled across the gearstick to yank the driver’s door closed, locking it the moment it slammed shut. With the car secured she settled herself behind the wheel, her hand groping for the keys so she could make her escape.
A tap on the window made her look round. She found him waving the keys and smiling in a way that made her tremble with fear. She sat there frozen as he unlocked the door and pulled it open. “That wasn’t very sensible,” he told her, his voice menacing. “I told you to get out. Now do as I told you.”
“No! Please, just take me home.”
“I think you need to be taught a lesson. You need to be taught what happens to girls who don’t do as they’re told.” Yanking her from the car he let her fall to the ground as he shoved the door closed, he then turned back to kick her. “Get up and get inside,” he ordered. “I said, get up.” He kicked her again, though she hadn’t had time to make even one attempt at raising herself from the ground.

Excerpt Two

“I can appreciate that; she’s a mean bitch when she’s mad at someone.”
The lawyer chose not to comment on that statement, though they both knew the truth of it. “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on, and how you got yourself stuck in a cell?” Frankie suggested as the door opened to reveal a constable, bearing the requested coffee. “You didn’t say much on the phone, just that you were in trouble and needed a criminal lawyer.”

Excerpt Three

Underwood secured Gordon’s arms while Donna handcuffed him. “As soon as they let me go I’m gonna to be back. I fucking know what you did you fucking prick, and I’m going to fucking kill you!” The handcuffs didn't prevent Gordon making threats.

“Shut up, Gordon!” Underwood smacked him on the back of the head after hauling him to his feet. “Now, since you are both here, I might as well question the two of you together, it will save me some time.” Michael simply stared impassively at his fellow teen, while Gordon struggled against the restraints as if he thought he could break them, despite having failed to do so on numerous occasions in the past. “I think it would be best if you take the girls into the living room, Constable,” Underwood said finally, “while I talk to Michael and Gordon.”

Excerpt Four

“What have you got against Michael Davis?” Donna wanted to know. “I know you think he’s a prick, though I’ve never heard anyone else say much of anything bad about him, other than he’s a bit full of himself. And let’s be honest, you’re just as bad in that respect. But do you actually have a reason for thinking he is capable of murder?” Gordon didn’t answer; he merely kicked the crushed packet of crisps and dropped heavily back onto the bed. “Personally I’d pick you as a murderer ahead of Michael, especially after earlier.”

“If you guys hadn’t come when you did I would have finished that asshole.”

“But why? You must have a reason for believing Michael is the one who killed Danielle. If you know something you have to tell us,” Donna insisted. “This isn’t just about your cousin, Gordon, Emma’s missing as well.”


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Some blog tours cover reveals and arc reviews should be happening in a few weeks yaya!  On other news I am anxious to hear back from you guys.  What are you reading now?  What did you think of Gideon?  Come on everyone let's shout out.  :-)

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