Sunday, June 16, 2013

Playing catch up

So as some of you may know there was a few things going on personally that has kept me from my wonderful blog family so today we will be playing catch up.  :-)

Reveiw #1

Temptaion Unleashed
By: Sherry Stanfield

I was given a copy of this book for an honest reveiw.
I love a paranormal with a twist and this one had me turned around inside out.  What would you do if the line between light and dark was no longer there and what you thought of as evil and dark now housed inside of your very soul?  This is the very that our hero ben has to face, fight and overcome.  Ben and his friend Roch are thrust into a world where the supposed monsters are divided into groups of good and evil based on their own merits.  Follow Ben into the embracing darkness where the only thing to fear beyond the demons around you is the on IN you! My only upset with the story being the development was a little rushed in a few places, but that in no way stopped me from enjoying the story very much and looking forward to many more from this author!

Reveiw #2

He Loved Me Not
By. Rhed Draven

I was given this book for an honest review
Have you ever picked up a story full of steam and loving?  Where the story intwined with the hot spots pulls you in equally?  He Loved Me Not is absolutely like that.  While the story itself is short it packs a wallop and is a fun read for a rainy day afternoon.  Follow Bryce and Chritina as they meet again after many years and find out that even when life hurts true love will remain strong and will always find is way back to the heart.  Short story but one that will have me looking for more by this author.

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