Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Tenor's Fall

Julian is a disgraced superstar, hated by everybody in America. Accused of a crime he didn't commit. He leaves everything behind and goes back to his roots, changing himself enough that he can go unrecognized by the people around him. He meets Sandy a young woman who teaches him how to laugh and live again. The two of them will have to confront his ghosts and the man responsible for Julian’s fall.This book contains adult/mature young adult situations. 


What do you do when you fall from the top and chaos reigns around you?  If you are Julian you change your appearance slap on a disguise and go away for a change.    Together with Sandy who he meets along the way they forge a path together with love and a new understanding if the music within.  I enjoyed this book as a good afternoon read and would recommend it to anyone looking to escape for a little while.  I had to read a bit of it to really fall into the story but once I did the story was enjoyable and entertaining.  Pick up The Tenor's Fall and find how love will always show you the way back.

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