Sunday, August 4, 2013

5th Chamber Black Fire By. Elle Moon

Sometimes the dreams never stop, no matter what unimaginable hero waits by your side- no matter how beautiful your life has become. All Haley Webb ever wanted was a chance- a chance to live, a chance to die, a chance to love. Now her life has become so full of chances that she is blinded to anything else.With a heart made broken, Haley has learned that the web she weaves can not be unraveled no matter who it snares. As the voice of her Nana grows silent and the beat of her heart sings stronger, all will wait to see her heaven. Where do you run when the devil comes back? How do you hide from the demons in your choice? As the smell of crimson and cinders suffocate her mind, how does she choose to stand by a love that’s meant to blacken her soul? Sometimes death is the only beginning. For Haley Dawn Webb, hell has come back to her little town of Hanging Rock and it brings a new face with it. Not every heaven is a choice. Not all choices are what they seem. Some fires, burn black.

This series has caused mixed emotions for me.  The beginning did not draw me in. But I pushed through and kept reading.  When you start to fall though you will fall hard and fast.  Like Alice down the rabbit hole this book will grab you and turn everything you expect on its head.  Follow Haley through the maze of life around her as she tries to navigate the intricacies of the choices presented to her at every turn.  Enjoy a book with a touch of everything and an adventure for a lifetime.


Author Bio:
Elle Moon is a country girl who calls West Virginia a second home because a blank novel always remains her first. Wife to a non-reading husband, mommy to an amazing son, and author of the Fifth Chamber Series- her debut novel "The Death Drum", is only the first bite into her imagination. An awkward dancer, a poetic arguer, and a lover of fireflies'- Elle knows everyone has the heart of a story.

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